Under 16/3 Draw Changes

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RHBL have made changes to the draw for the Under 16/3 competition. The top 2 teams after the 5 team round robin will play in the grand final on 15/3/2014.

Please note that you are the away team for Round 15 even though you are playing at Timbrell Park.

Baseball Australia – New Look, New Era

For those of you who may have missed this in their Inbox:

Baseball Australia
Baseball Australia is pleased to officially announce the new national unified branding and websites for the sport.

The national branding strategy has for the first time unified Baseball’s Sporting Organisation’s brand representation, with all seven State Association’s now identified with the same logo.

Baseball Australia (BA) is the descriptor that the Australian Baseball Federation, as the peak representative body for all baseball in Australia, will now use for all national and international regulatory and co-ordination activities for the sport.

The logo, which resembles the movement of a baseball travelling through the air, is the new face of the sports governing Organisation’s. The overarching national branding strategy will continue to promote the Australian Baseball League (ABL) and it’s six State-aligned teams as the commercial brand of the sport, along with our partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB) and our national Team Australia.

Today’s launch also reveals Baseball’s new website network consisting of the national and seven State websites. The new website network has been developed in conjunction with IMG Sports Technology Group to position Baseball at the forefront of sports IT innovation and attract a new level of engagement for our sport.

Speaking on Baseball’s new brand and websites, Baseball Australia Chief Executive, Brett Pickett, commented: “this launch is another large step forward in the ongoing evolution of our sport.”

“Baseball is growing in Australia at a faster rate than any other country in the World. We are stepping up as the governing body to provide our 600 plus clubs and over 47,000 registered members with the technology and support needed to propel us further towards being a household sport in Australia” said Mr Pickett.

In March 2014 Baseball Australia will welcome the 2014 MLB Opening Series to Sydney, which is set to be the biggest internationally recognised event in Australia since the 2003 Rugby World Cup Final. Armed with this once in a lifetime opportunity for the sport, BA and the ABL are revolutionising the approach to baseball delivery and promotion in order to ensure a long-lasting legacy from this event.

RHBL Reminder for Scorers


RHBL have requested we remind Scorers of the following when completing Result Sheets:

  • The Innings a player sits off MUST be marked

  • The sheets MUST be signed

  • They MUST be filled out in pen NOT pencil

  • Players full names are entered NOT Christian names only
  • The number of Pitches thrown by every pitcher per Inning MUST be entered