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Thank you to all those who attended the Level O Umpires course. We had a record turnout and I hope everyone got something out of it. Everyone should have received their Level O certificate from NSW Baseball Umpires Association. If you have not, please let me know.

You all should have had some time on the diamonds now and I trust it has been a rewarding experience. As stated on the night of the course, RHBL does want all games to be run with two umpires, the plate umpire supplied by the home side and a field umpire from the away side. So if your team is playing an away game please volunteer to be the field umpire, and if you are a home umpire please welcome the assistance of a field umpire.

Umpires should always work together and support each other.


We have had some issues with getting our new logo on to our new umpires shirts, sorry about the delay. We should have the shirts and hats very soon.

Shirts will be issued to all current team umpires, including those who have undertaken Level O courses in the past.

Umpire Development

As mentioned at the Level O course we will be setting up a monthly session for umpires where we will run through issues relevant to umpiring and be able to answer questions and help with any issues you may have. The meetings will not be mandatory but available to all to support our umpires and to assist with their development. I hope to have the shirts available for our first meeting. I will let you know soon when the date will be.


Everyone should know that the local RHBL rules are available on our web-site.

The official rule book with all the rules is out of print, but an electronic copy can be found at the link below:

ABF Official Australian Rules 6th Edition 2010


I have included all email addresses I received at the Level O course, I don’t have a couple of addresses and I may have typed some incorrectly. If you know others who attended the Level O course, could you please ask if they received this e-mail and if not to get in touch with me and I will ensure that they are included on my list.


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if there has been any issues at games during the past couple of weeks.

Remember, umpiring is meant to be a fun and rewarding way of being involved with a great game and your child’s or friend’s sport.

Marc Roberts,
Umpires Executive

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